Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 17. June 22nd: Don't let the Insulin get to Hot Now!

One of the original diabetic teachings is that you're not supposed to get your Insulin too hot. When it's hot, it doesn't work as well. With todays heat, that might have happened.

It was nice to sleep in today. I of course woke up at 7am, like during the work week. After one look at the clock, I was like nope, that is NOT going to happen, and I went back to sleep, not to wake up until 11when my roommate woke me, saying we had plans to meet one of her fellow interns at 12pm.

We made our way back to Manhatten, and from there back to upper Brooklyn in Williamson. It was kind of obnoxious how we had to go to Manhattan to get to upper Brooklyn, and it took well over 45 minutes. We finally made it to the subway station, and met her friend there. We followed the horde of people, and made our way to the giant flea market.

The flea market had two rows of straight food venders. These weren't just those carnival venders, but these were real people, real food, from real places: Indian, Chinese, German, Italian, Burgers, Fries, Mexican, the list goes on and on. I ended up getting chicken Schnitzel on a pretzel Bun. It was really good, except that it had VERY HOT Mustard on it. Here I was worried about Horseradish, instead it had mustard. My eyes started watering, my nose running, and burning feeling in the back of my throat. In the end, I ate most of the meat, and the top bun. Then I went back and got Maple Syrup covered Bacon on a stick. That was the most delicious thing ever! I also got myself a Strawberry lemonade, to help my flaming throat. We ate on the grass right on the water's edge, looking at the view of Manhattan.

After we had our expensive lunch, then we walked around the actual flea market. It was also very hot at this point, and the mass amount of people, in a confined space, made it even hotter. The venders were all artists, craftsmen, photographers, and jewelry makers, along with a few other things. It wasn't like a flea market I've ever been too, which is venders reselling things such as a Garage Sale. This was more venders and their own products. Many of them sell their items on Etsy, like an Ebay site for homemade products. I did in the end, purchase a necklace for myself, and a gift for my lovely brother.

We made our way back to the subway, but made a side trip when we saw a street with many people walking on it. It also had venders, and was closed off to cars. This is the best part about it though, there was SOD (grass) in the middle of the street that people could sit on if they wanted to. With a sign that said, Free SOD at 8pm. It was the most hilarious thing in the world!

After getting back to the apartment, and drinking multiple bottles of water, I fell asleep. We had plans to go out that night and do what young people do on a Saturday night. In the end, the group we were going to go with ended up not working out, so it was a restful night in our apartment. 

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