Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 19. June 24th: Summertime

So, I can officially say it is summer!

 Not just because the calendar says so, but the weather. It was once again very hot outside today, with a chance of thunderstorms and rain.

I was excited to wear my new dress/suit outfit that I bought before I came to NYC from Yonkers. It was the perfect weather to wear it in. Except that I get too hot walking to work, then get to work, and freeze because it's so cold. It makes dressing very difficult. But everyone else can handle it, so that means I can as well!

Work was busy as I continued to help out with Children's Congress. Today, I finally got to the point where I couldn't read any more dates, names, times, or locations. They were all just blending together. I knew that was when I had to get up and take a walk away from my desk. I guess I finally understand what my mother goes through at her work every day.

After work, I knew I wanted to be outside enjoying the weather, but I also knew that rain was threatening to fall. I made my way home, on a surprisingly empty subway, and changed. After checking the weather, and giving my Ipad a boost of a charge, I grabbed some snacks, my blanket, and headed to the local Park here in Brooklyn.

The park was just what I wanted, except it was missing one thing...real grass. That's right, the park was made up of fake grass or turf. I hear it's so people can have picnics without the worry of ants, and then play soccer without worrying about destroying the grass. Silly City Folk, whats the point of a picnic if ants aren't invited? And holes in the grass...that's just part of the game of soccer! I put my blanket down, and started reading  one of the books on my Kindle. One of my favorite pastimes from home was to sit outside on a blanket in the grass, normally with lemonade, a bag of sunchips, and a kitten as Ii read a good book. II stayed there for about an hour and a half, when I looked up and noticed the sky was darkening, and I thought I felt sprinkles. I packed up my bags, and headed home.

It was nice to be outside, even if it was just for a little bit. I think I plan to sit outside like that more often, I made myself some supper when I got to my apartment, and then settled down for a Skype Date with my roommate from home.

I spent the rest of the evening just relaxing, watching netflix, and doing a few ab workouts. I have also made plans for what I want to do tomorrow after work!

It seems that my day was very uneventful, no strenuous exercises, no extreme food, nothing out of the ordinary, but when it came to my blood sugars, there were anything but ordinary. Since I've recently started recording my BG numbers on a phone app, I've started to check myself more. Today, voluntarily poked myself with a needle 15 times. My fingers hurt. and my blood sugars, you would think would be in great control since I had checked them so often, but that was not so. I woke up a perfect  106 this am, and went a little low before lunch, which I took a snack to treat, no issues there. Then for lunch, and this is the only explanation that I can think of, I had a brand new Pen of Insulin, and I don't think I Primed (shoot insulin out before shooting myself) the shot enough. After lunch my BG's went high, so I gave myself a few units to cover, but then as soon as I got home from work, I dropped, and since then, I haven't been able to keep them up high enough. I had to snack while at the park, and then was low right before I ate my supper, and then after my supper, I was low again. I should be good now, at least, I hope so. I don't think my fingers could handle being poked so much again.

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